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Will Eberle wearing a brown straw hat with a black band, and a white shirt and blue dotted tie

Will Eberle

Will trains, consults, speaks, and informs policy on trauma, homelessness, mental health and addiction recovery, supported employment, equity, and educational access nationally. He is the Executive Director of Recovery Vermont/The Vermont Association for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery  – Vermont’s oldest and largest recovery organization.

Railroad bridge on stone pier across a snow Vermont road

A Bridge Across Our Two Vermonts

Vermont is not immune to issues like addiction, housing insecurity, and poverty. In recent years these overlapping problems have strained resources across the state, and can divide communities as they struggle to find solutions. Join Recovery Vermont Executive Director Will Eberle as he explores how to surmount the effect of bias and stigma so we can improve the health, happiness, and sense of belonging for all Vermonters.