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Project Grants

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Our Project Grants fund community and curriculum development projects with awards up to $5,000.

Fundable projects include:

  • Community programming that invites participation in humanities discourse
  • Curriculum development with plans to share the work to increase access to the humanities
  • Humanities experiences designed to support a specific affinity group or to encourage interaction among more than one affinity groups

Both new and existing projects are eligible to apply.

How to Apply

Project grant applications are reviewed three times per year. Here are the remaining deadlines and notification dates for 2024:

  • February 15 & Notification by April 8
  • May 15 & Notification by July 8
  • September 15 & Notification by Nov. 8

We encourage you to contact us ahead of applying, especially for new projects. This will allow us to offer guidance prior to completing an application. Contact us through our online Grant Inquiry form, by emailing, or calling (802) 262-1355.

Application Form

To apply for a Project grant, complete our online application form.

Project Grant Application Form

Our recent project grants included $5000 for the Chelsea Funnery so students ages 13-18 could immerse themselves in a Shakespeare play for two weeks, and then put on a full play for the community.


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About the review process

While reviewing grant proposals, a small committee consisting of Vermont Humanities staff and community reviewers will consider:

  • Are the humanities central to the project?
  • Does the project align with our Mission, Vision, and Values?
  • Who is the intended audience and how will the project benefit them?
  • Has the organization created a plan to include diversity, equity, and inclusion principles?
  • Is the project ADA accessible?
  • How will the project evaluate its success?
  • Does the organization have the capacity to implement the proposed project successfully?

If awarded, we ask grantees to commit to:

  • Returning the signed Grant Agreement.
  • Providing us with event information for any activities open to the public.
  • Submitting a Final Report within 90 days after the project ends.
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