Vermont Humanities

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Rep. John Lewis and Andrew Aydin with students in front of a schoolbus

The Humanities

Our Mission

Using the humanities, we connect with people across Vermont to create just, vibrant, and resilient communities and to inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Our Vision

Vermont’s diverse people and cultures thrive as they explore bold ideas and complex challenges. Together we spark creativity, connection, insight, and transformation.

Our Values

Vermont Humanities staff and board commit to using the following organizational values in our work:


We will aim to integrate the humanities into the educational, civic, and economic life of Vermont. Because the humanities include everyone, we will work to bring down barriers to inclusion.


We will use our programs to help address historic gaps in power between groups and to amplify
under-represented voices.


We will encourage people to form bonds across boundaries, develop channels of cooperation, and nurture resiliency in their local communities and statewide.


We will build and grow long-term relationships with communities and organizations and form a broader spectrum of partners across racial, class, and geographic lines.


We will acknowledge that we have much to learn from our colleagues and our communities and that we do not have all the answers.


We will help Vermonters learn about the world and themselves and encourage everyone to engage with the humanities in the ways that they find most compelling.


We will nurture, support, and promote the achievements and innovations of humanists and cultural organizations in Vermont.


We will foster sustainable and healthy relationships among our staff and board members, with our partners, and with the organizations we support.


We will help create spaces for complex—and sometimes difficult—conversations about the human experience. We’ll learn from our mistakes, improve our ways of working whenever we fall short, and reduce the influence of the biases that we all carry.

Our Commitment to Ongoing Change

Young people demonstrating in street

Our Statement about the Death of George Floyd

As our friend Rep. John Lewis says, “Just as people of all faiths and no faiths, and all backgrounds, creeds, and colors banded together decades ago to fight for equality and justice in a peaceful, orderly, non-violent fashion, we must do so again.”

Mural honoring George Floyd

Opportunities to Help

Suggestions on actions you can take in response to the horrific murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  Please send us ideas that we can add to this list.

Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Our communities are living in a time of great transition. To meet the social, environmental, and public health needs of our day, cultural organizations like Vermont Humanities must devote ourselves to transformational thinking, planning, and action.

Vermont Humanities*** December 9, 2021