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Vermont Humanities produces two podcast series: Before Your Time, a joint podcast produced with the Vermont Historical Society since 2017, and The Portable Humanist, which began in 2020.

Podcast Series

Painting from the VHS collections, “Lake Memphremagog,” artist unknown from c. 1840; it shows lumbering in progress and a slowly industrializing landscape

Before Your Time Podcast Series

Presented by the Vermont Historical Society and Vermont Humanities. Every episode, we go inside the stacks at the Vermont Historical Society to look at an object from their permanent collection that tells us something unique about our state. Then, we take a closer look at the people, the events, or the ideas that surround each artifact.

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The Portable Humanist Podcast Series

Making it easy for you to listen to Vermont Humanities talks when you’re on the go! Featuring presentations from our First Wednesdays, Fall Conference, and Speakers Bureau programs, plus special exclusive interviews.

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