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The Hills of Home: Mountains and Identity in Vermont History

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Image of a mountain sceneVermonters have strong ideas about the importance of their mountain topography. Where did our pride in Vermont’s landscape come from, and why is it that we see our shared identity as rooted in the land? Evolving human ideas about the Vermont mountains form the base of this lecture.

The story begins with the state’s founders and moves forward through Vermont history to explain how environmental understandings changed over time. This lecture by historian Jill Mudgett is timely and relevant in its relationship to current interdisciplinary scholarship, and offers us tools to understand the origins and meaning of our own strongly-held attachments to the Vermont landscape.

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Image of a mountain scene

The Hills of Home: Mountains and Identity in Vermont History

Jill Mudgett explores evolving human ideas about Vermont’s mountain topography, explaining how environmental understandings changed throughout history.

Vermont Humanities*** June 29, 2016