Vermont Humanities
Image of Madeline Kunin press conference

From Politics to Poetry

As the first woman governor for the State of Vermont, the ambassador to Switzerland for President Clinton, and the holder of other prestigious positions, Madeleine Kunin has inspired women and girls to discover their own voices as leaders. Governor Kunin speaks about her life in politics and read to us from her newest book of poetry, “Red Kite, Blue Sky.”

Policeman from behind with close up of holster

Television Cop Shows, Police Violence, and Black Lives Matter

How do television cop shows shape our understanding of police, race, and crime in America? Focusing on the television series “The Wire,” Middlebury professor Jason Mittell challenges our understanding of this television genre in the era of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Painting of British housewives with "Up and at 'Em" banner

Domestic Soldiers: British Housewives and the Second World War

How did British housewives experience the Second World War and contribute to the war effort? Saint Michael’s history professor Dr. Jennifer Purcell tells the stories of seven housewives from across Britain.

Early Vermont suffragists Clarina Howard Nichols

Why Not in Vermont? The Long Campaign for Women’s Suffrage

Why did Vermont lawmakers resist women voting in the 19th and 20th centuries? Through the stories of three Vermont suffragists, Marilyn Blackwell outlines the shifting debate over women’s full citizenship in from the 1850s until 1920.