Vermont Humanities
Rene Pellerin wears a baseball cap and dark winter clothing and stands between a woman with gray hair and a young boy with curly brown hair, all three standing in front of a horse on a city street

When Cultures Collide

Enter the world of the DeafBlind with René Pellerin as he recounts stories from his personal experiences as a DeafBlind person living with Usher Syndrome. “Rene The Unstoppable” uses humor to tell stories of his travels with and without support, frustrations and comic blunders experienced in both the hearing and Deaf worlds, and how he’s overcome obstacles along the way.

The leaves of an American Chestnut tree set against a light blue and orange sunset

Return of the American Chestnut Tree

In the early 20th century a blight accidentally spread to the United States and killed approximately 4-5 billion American Chestnut trees. Thomas Estill explores the historical uses, economic importance, and demise of the tree, as well as ongoing research to bring the American Chestnut back and possibly reintroduce the species into the wild in the near future.