Vermont Humanities

2022 Annual Report

Our community investments were stronger than ever.
The Villalobos Brothers perform on violins on a purple-lit stage for the Lane Series presented by the University of Vermont.

2022 was quite a year.  Our community investments were stronger than ever before, with over $330,000 supporting grassroots humanities projects across Vermont. We launched our most successful Vermont Reads ever: The Most Costly Journey, telling the stories of migrant farmworkers in our brave little state. And we are engaging with the complexities of our history and our democracy with humility, curiosity, and bravery.

In 2022, 33,952 people took part in our programs, and we hosted or supported 585 activities, across all fourteen Vermont counties.

Over the past five years, we have exponentially increased our community investments and grantmaking. Vermont Humanities, in partnership with the Vermont Arts Council, has strengthened community engagement and changed the conversation around the creative and cultural sector’s importance to Vermont.


2022 Annual Report Pages

Poet Keysi Montas wears black framed glasses and a white shirt and holds a folder of poetry while standing on a bridge in front of green foliage and mountain views

Thank You to Our Donors

Our work depends on the generosity of our many donors and volunteers. In 2022, Vermont Humanities received donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations committed to providing literacy and public humanities programs in every county in Vermont. We are grateful to each of you!

2022 At a Glance

In 2022, 33,952 people took part in our programs, and we hosted or supported 585 activities across all fourteen Vermont counties.  We also gave over $232,000 in humanities grants and over 60% of our community investments and grants were awarded to new partners.

Best Photos from 2022

Compelling photos from our Words in the Woods, Humanities Camps, and other programs in 2022.

2022 Grant Recipients

In 2022 we awarded 72 grants to 68 different organizations totaling $220,910.00. This includes Rapid Response Grants, Project Grants, Direct Grants, and Fall Festival Grants.

Two patrons sit in blue and red foldable chairs facing away from the camera, watching poet Carol Potter read her work at Wilgus State Park.

2022 Statement of Financial Position

Revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, and net assets for Vermont Humanities at the conclusion of Fiscal Year 2022.

Year in Review Videos

Vermont Humanities staffers describe attending Words in the Woods events, working on civics initiatives with key partners, hearing Jason Reynolds and Sarah Henstra speak to inspired youth, and the quiet moments in-between it all.

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