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Hosting Events in the Age of Covid

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Vermont Reads

In the age of Covid-19, Vermont Humanities strives to continue to offer cultural programming safely and in accordance with State and Federal guidelines. This includes community hosted events such as our Speakers Bureau events, Reading and Discussion series, or Vermont Reads programs.

Hosting Online Events

When contemplating whether to host an event consider whether the event can be done virtually. Virtual online events remain the safest option to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

Zoom Best Practices Video

We’ve created a short video outlining our recommendations for our First Wednesdays lecture series hosts in using Zoom. Many of these tips are included in our Suggestions for Using Zoom document (PDF).

Other Resources about Hosting Online Events

Hosting In-Person Events

If you do plan to host an in-person event, please be sure that you are able to follow the most current and up-to-date health and safety guidelines provided by the Vermont Department of Health and the CDC. Please be sure that you are able to follow these guidelines thoroughly to ensure the health and safety of your speaker and guests! If you have any doubts, we encourage you to connect with the event hosts and participants, or postpone your event until it is safer to meet in person.

Other Resources about In-Person Events

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