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Request a Vermont Reads 2022 Display

Black and white cartoon drawing of a farmer in rubber boots with cows in a Vermont barn yard
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Enhance your Vermont Reads 2022 project by requesting one of several displays related to The Most Costly Journey (El Viaje Más Caro.)

Request one of the available displays using our online form.

Request a Vermont Reads 2022 Display

Types of Vermont Reads Displays

Vertical Banner Displays

Vermont Reads 2022 Most Costly Journey pull-up display standing on hardwood floor beside a wooden chairWe now have available four series of vertical banner displays. These can be delivered through interlibrary loan via the Vermont Department of Libraries, or directly from Vermont Humanities.

Each four-panel series expands upon different themes in The Most Costly Journey: crossing borders, the importance of family, physical and mental health issues, and building a life in Vermont.

These pull-up displays are about two feet wide and about 6.5 feet high. They are perfect for locations without dedicated gallery wall space. They can help draw attention to Vermont Reads books that are available for checkout and also highlight upcoming Vermont Reads events.

The introductory panel from these displays is shown at right to give you a sense of the size of the displays. View a larger image of the panel or view an image of three displays side by side.

Wall-Mounted Displays

Vermont Humanities is coordinating the use of two larger, wall-mounted displays created by the Vermont Folklife Center, depicting the lives of migrant workers in Vermont farms. “The Golden Cage” is a series of stunning portraits of Vermont farm workers from 2007, and the “El Viaje Más Caro” display features portions of comics from The Most Costly Journey.

Wall Mounted Display Preview

This video shows what portions of The Golden Cage and the El Viaje Más Caro displays look like when mounted.

Vermont Humanities*** August 29, 2022