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Rep. John Lewis and Andrew Aydin with students in front of a schoolbus

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A Weekly E-newsletter and Site Marking Events in the Civil War

The Civil War Book of Days was a weekly e-mail researched and published by the Vermont Humanities Council from October 2010 to April 2015. We have finished recreating all the e-mail entries into the site. You can search by topic or browse entries by year or month. With the Civil War Book of Days,  the Vermont Humanities Council seeks to tell what may be  America’s greatest story — the Civil War — in new, personal, and compelling ways that promote greater and deeper understanding for all. The story is both inspiring and heartbreaking.

VHC marked the 150th anniversary of the Civil War by launching this popular weekly e-newsletter that uses personal letters, poetry, speeches, photographs, news stories, and more to bring events of the Civil War to life exactly 150 years after they happened. The very first entry, published on October 15, 2010, featured Abraham Lincoln as he was running for office and advice from a charming girl named Grace Bedell. Since then VHC has published over 200 entries based on personal letters, public speeches, and unique perspectives of battle.

These pieces are just fascinating. This one I actually felt as a blow to my stomach . . . I can’t believe how much I have learned about Civil War period history from these short columns. Thank you!

Esther Mackintosh
President, Federation of State Humanities Councils

A Fire Never Extinguished Video

Vermont Humanities*** November 29, 2014