Support Vermont Humanities

“I Want the Work to Continue.”

Image of Donor Barbara Mieder

Barbara Mieder is a retired teacher of German and Latin who served on the board of the Vermont Humanities Council for ten years, from 1986 to 1995, including two years as chair. Barbara and her husband, Wolfgang, started a fund at the Vermont Community Foundation to benefit VHC.

They are also members of VHC’s Living Legacy Society, a group of friends of the Council who have included VHC in their estate planning to help ensure the Council’s long-term financial health.

“The Humanities Council really reaches out to all layers of society, from newly literate adults to children who are struggling to read. It just opens a whole new world to everybody in the state. You don’t have to pay an entrance fee to go to First Wednesdays, or to attend a program at your local library. It gets books into day care centers, and puts books into the homes of families who may not be able to buy them.

“The Humanities Council has had a big impact on my life. It has meant a lot to me so I want to pay it back. I think the work is important, and I want it to continue.”

To learn more about the Living Legacy Society, visit, or contact Peter Gilbert at (802) 262-1351.