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Woody Guthrie: Dustbowl Balladeer

Image of Woody GuthrieIn his music and writing, Woody Guthrie chronicled the devastation of the 1930s dust storms and the Great Depression, championing the dispossessed and economic and social justice. Many of his songs (“This Land is Your Land”) have become American classics, and he has influenced subsequent songwriters, including Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

This presentation by Mark Greenberg explores the always-rambling Guthrie’s life and legacy through readings from his prolific prose writings, recorded and live examples of his music, and slides of Guthrie’s own art and of photographs documenting his complex life and times.

Special Arrangements: screen or large TV, DVD player or laptop, CD player and speakers, projector (can be supplied by presenter if necessary).

Additional Costs: mileage.

Available in correctional facilities.

About the presenter

Image of Mark A Greenberg Mark Greenberg - Mark is an educator, writer, musician, and media producer who has taught at Goddard College and the University of Vermont. See full biography.

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