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How Did Germany’s Weimar Democracy Become the Third Reich?

Image of rally in GermanyDefeated, humiliated, and in chaos, Germany after World War I was imperiled by leftist revolution and right-wing violence. Jack Mayer recounts the origins of the Third Reich through the story of Ernst Werner Techow, a member of the para-military Free Corps and the murderous Organization C, who was recruited into a clandestine assassination network trying to bring down the fledgling Weimar democracy.

Techow participated in the 1922 murder of Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau, the highest-ranking Jew in the Weimar Republic. But an offer of forgiveness while on trial for his life set him on a complex journey of redemption.

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Image of Jack Mayer Jack Mayer - Jack Mayer, a Vermont writer and pediatrician, is the author of numerous short stories, poems, essays, and two award-winning books.

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