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The Postmodern Turn in Architecture

400px_The Postmodern Turn062716The designs and skylines of our cities are constantly changing, shaped not only by economic forces, but also by ideas–theories of who we are as humans. In this program, Champlain College Professor David Mills explores the ways in which opposing theories of human nature have shaped and reshaped contemporary cities.

The program begins with the rise of modern architecture and urban planning after WWII, analyzes the failures of some high-profile modernist projects, and explores the postmodern turn–a shift in thinking about human nature that has generated an explosion of colorful, eclectic, playful, symbolic, adaptive, and site-specific buildings in the last 30 years.

Special Arrangements: projector.

Available in correctional facilities.

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Image of David Mills David Mills - David holds a PhD in philosophy from Pennsylvania State University and is a Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Core Division at Champlain College. See full biography.

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