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Reading Places: Art, Architecture, and Gravestones in Early Vermont

Image of a Vermont graveyardIn developing their towns, early Vermont settlers created a wide range of things that spoke to their values, backgrounds, skills, and cultural attitudes. Their architecture, gravestones, furniture, ironwork, paintings, pottery, and textiles are evocative of specific people, places, and situations.

This lecture and slide presentation by William Hosley demonstrates how art and artifacts can be used to understand historical experience while surveying the extraordinary visual allure of historic Vermont.

Special Arrangements: screen required, laptop and project preferred but can be supplied by presenter.

Additional Costs: mileage.

About the presenter

Image of William Hosley William Hosley - William is a collector, photographer, and preservationist, and is the principal at Terra Firma Northeast, which specializes in cultural resource development and preservation services. See full biography.

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