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Music: History and Appreciation

Talks with the Music: History and Appreciation theme:

Image of hands with guitar How the Guitar Conquered America- Tim Brookes speaks to the guitar’s importance in defining national, ethnic, and regional identity.
Image of men playing fiddles in a circle Kitchen Tunks and Parlor Songs- Mark Greenberg discusses collecting oral histories in Vermont and examines how music was affected by social and technological developments.
Image of men playing banjo and fiddle New England Fiddle Music: History and Characteristics- Burt Porter describes and demonstrates Yankee fiddling, one of America's most distinct musical traditions.
Image of a piano keyboard People, Music, and 88 Keys, More or Less: Keyboard Instruments through the Ages- William Tortolano leads an exploration of the harpsichord, clavichord, the pianoforte, and more through the ages.
Image of Rebel Girl sheet music Solidarity Forever: Songs of Unions and Labor- Using live and recorded music, Mark Greenberg surveys American labor songs from the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, through the Wobblies, and into the coal wars of the 1930. 
Image of colonial ballad singer The British Ballad Tradition in New England- Singer and scholar Burt Porter presents a program of New England ballads with commentary on the history and art of balladry.
Image of Linda Radtke in performance The Vermont Civil War Songbook- Linda Radtke shares songs popular in Vermont during the Civil War alongside letters from local soldiers, dedicating songs to those from the area who served.
Image of Linda Radtke singing Vermont’s Musical Ladies- Linda Radtke explores the contributions of Vermont women to the traditions of parlor songs, women’s club music contests, and social reform efforts.
Image of Woody Guthrie Woody Guthrie: Dustbowl Balladeer- Mark Greenberg explores Woody Guthrie’s legacy through his prolific prose writings, his music, and photographs documenting his complex life and times.