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Talks with the Literature theme:

Image of Alfred Starr Hamilton Alfred Starr Hamilton: Outsider Poet - Alfred Starr Hamilton wrote poems so deeply metaphoric that one can enjoy them both for their fairy-tale charm and as serious confessions of unease in 20th-Century America
Bill Mares Choice, Chance, and Creativity - Bill Mares has authored or co-authored 17 books on diverse subjects, ranging from the Marine Corps to brewing beer. He discusses his inspiration for the books, and relates the challenges and satisfactions of collaboration. The presentation will conclude with a workshop where audience members can create their own short narrative fiction or nonfiction pieces.
Image of speaker in front of audience Poems in Performance: A Cure for Poemphobia - Geof Hewitt offers poems that defy stereotype, discussing the magical loosening of "poetry" in the past fifty years that has opened doors for reluctant readers.
Image of Viking battling a serpent Song of the Vikings: The Making of Norse Myths - Nancy Marie Brown brings 13th-century Icelandic chieftain Snorri Sturluson’s life into focus, drawing on newly available sources and illuminating the folklore and pagan legends of medieval Scandinavia.
Rajnii Eddins beside a brick wall The Value of Our Stories - Each one of us has a story that is valuable. In this presentation, Rajnii Eddins will share his poetry, and will discuss how our stories can be used to confront racism and other injustices, affirm diversity and equity, and initiate community dialogue.
Image of map Transmedia: Storytelling as World Building - Erik Esckilsen discusses the tradition of world-building storytelling, exploring how technology has inspired new ways of defining, crafting, and sharing stories.
Image of Robert Frost Who Was Robert Frost and Who Are We? - Geof Hewitt discusses several of Robert Frost's poems, comparing how Frost portrayed Vermont and its people to how he might see the state today.
Image of Jane Austen Why Are We Still Reading Jane Austen? - Deborah Lee Luskin discusses the continuing global appeal of Jane Austen’s drawing room dramas among readers and moviegoers.