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History Alive (Living History Portrayals)

Talks with the History Alive theme:

Image of David Book A High Price to Pay, A Heavy Burden to Bear: One Family’s Civil War Story - David Book portrays Abel Morrill, Sr., an early settler of Cabot, describing life in mid-19th century Vermont as it was affected by the Civil War.
Image of marching band A Vermont Music Sampler - William Tortolano presents music and commentary on Vermont's significant and fascinating musical folklore.
Image of Kathryn Woods as Sojourner Truth A Woman, Ain’t I? (Sojourner Truth) - Kathryn Woods tells the story of abolitionist Sojourner Truth in her own words, speeches, and songs.
Image of Jim Cooke as Daniel Webster Daniel Webster: “I Still Live!” - Actor Jim Cooke portrays Senator Daniel Webster, the New Hampshire farm boy who went to Dartmouth College and then on to a career as our greatest orator and statesman.
Image of John Quincy Adams John Quincy Adams: A Spirit Unconquerable! - Actor Jim Cooke portrays President John Quincy Adams in the last decade of his remarkable life.
Image of Milton Brown Just One Man: Milton Brown - David Book portrays Milton Brown of Worcester, Vermont, a 19th century public servant and outspoken abolitionist who likely participated in the safe passage of escaped slaves.
Image of Judith Black Meet Lucy Stone - Judith Black portrays Lucy Stone, the Massachusetts public speaker referred to as "the shining star" of the antislavery and women's rights movements.
Image of Judith Black as Mother Jones Mother Jones: Angel of the Working Class - Judith Black portrays Mary Harris Jones, the fearless labor organizer who an entire class and generation called 'Mother.'
Image of Stephen Collins as Melville Sailing Towards my Father - Sailing Towards My Father is a one-man play written and directed by Carl A. Rossi and performed by Stephen Collins.
Image of Linda Radtke Vermont History through Song - Linda Radtke brings Vermont history to life with performances and engaging commentary about the songs found in the Vermont Historical Society's collection of sheet music.