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Ethics and Philosophy

Talks with the Ethics and Philosophy theme:

Image of Anne Frank Anne Frank’s Neighbors: What Did They Do? - Mary Fillmore examines the choices faced and decisions made by the people who lived alongside the Jewish population as persecution in Nazi-occupied Europe intensified.
Image of two people talking on a porch Catching People’s Stories - Jane Beck explores the use of the recorded interview, reflecting on why people tell stories, what they mean to individuals, and examples of how they are used.
Image of ancient writing on parchment Endangered Alphabets, Cultural Erosion, and the Future of the Written Word - Tim Brookes looks at forms of writing from all over the world that are in danger of extinction, discussing how technology helps define the nature of communication.
Image of stupa Mindfulness: The History, Practice, and Use of Cultivating Mindful Awareness - This lecture will address questions about mindfulness by tracing its history from multiple traditions, starting with early Buddhist texts and ending with the secularization of mindfulness in contemporary American society.
Image of parade Movements of the Soul: The Role of Religion in Nonviolent Struggles for Peace - Joseph explores how the 20th century saw the rise of religious faith-based organizations and groups working to advance the cause of peace.
Image of Dutch resister Hannie Schaft Remember and Resist: The Dutch Example - Mary Fillmore explores how Dutch people decided to resist the Nazis, what they actually did, and what the results were of their actions.
Image of granite wall with names Restorative Justice: How Vermont, Argentina, and Rwanda Wrestle With Crime, the Past, and Rebuilding Community - Rowly Brucken explores how restorative justice initiatives respond to criminal wrongdoing by emphasizing the needs of victims and communities.
Image for The Genealogy of Happiness The Genealogy of Happiness: From Aristotle to Positive Psychology - William Edelglass explores conceptions of happiness in Western philosophy, religion, and political theory.