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Civics and Public Issues

Talks with the Civics and Public Issues theme:

Image of preamble to the Constitution A Dramatic Constitution - Meg Mott considers how the Constitution has contained our most violent disagreements, how reformers were able to expand the Bill of Rights, and how the Constitution might address the pressures of climate change.
Image of multiple faces combined A History of the Concept of Race - William Edelglass traces the intellectual history of the concept of race in the West, from its prehistory to today.
Image of woman in hijab with back turned Afghani Women and the War on Terror - Sanjukta Ghosh focuses on how Muslim women's images have been used throughout history to further social and political ends.
Image of parade Movements of the Soul: The Role of Religion in Nonviolent Struggles for Peace - Joseph explores how the 20th century saw the rise of religious faith-based organizations and groups working to advance the cause of peace.
Image of young man reading a newspaper Sorting the News From the Chaff - Veteran journalist and educator Mark Timney shares strategies for evaluating news sources in the rapidly changing digital information age.
Image of book and computer The Digital Humanities Revolution - How have humanists taken up new technologies? What has the digital world added to the study of history, literature, folklore, and art? Bryan Alexander surveys the rise of the digital humanities.