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Art: History and Appreciation

Talks with the Art: History and Appreciation theme:

Image of child shouting into a microphone A Manner of Speaking - Using various examples from his own and others’ work, Alan demonstrates how writers creating speeches and monologues must pay special attention to such elements as focus, rhythm and sound devices.
Image of The Silent Language of the Soul: The Legacy of Mime Marcel Marceau Adventures in Mime & Space: The Legacy of Marcel Marceau - Rob Mermin explores the metaphors of mime technique—what mime master Marcel Marceau called "the silent language of the soul."
Image for Alfred Hitchcock and the Art of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock and the Art of Suspense - Rick Winston discusses the evolution of Alfred Hitchcock’s craft, exploring his favorite themes, his relationships with his collaborators, and his wry sense of humor.
Image from "the Band Wagon" All the Film’s A Stage - Join Rick Winston in an exploration of how cinema has portrayed what goes into a theater production, from audition to rehearsal to performance.
Image for An Apprentice Boat Builder in Japan An Apprentice Boat Builder in Japan - Douglas Brooks shares his experience apprenticing with Japanese boat builders, participating in the country's rich history of traditional arts and crafts.
Image for Cartooning Reconsidered Cartooning Reconsidered - James Sturm explores a brief history of the language and art of comics, and the new ways that cartooning and visual storytelling are changing the world.
Image of man with painting of a clown Circle of Sawdust: The Mud, Myth, and Magic of the Circus - Rob Mermin shows rare film clips and relates personal anecdotes of wacky characters, wild escapades, and poignant recollections of life in the world of circus.
Red fountain pen on off white paper Details Meet Creativity in Writing - Author Yvonne Daley shares examples of how successful writers interlace historical, scientific, and societal details into their stories.
Image of Ivory Vikings: The Mystery of the Lewis Chessmen Ivory Vikings: The Mystery of the Lewis Chessmen - Nancy Marie Brown discusses the Lewis Chessmen, which present a capsule history of the Vikings in the North Atlantic, when the sea-road connected countries we think of as culturally distinct.
Image of New England Impressions: Art and the Making of Regional Identity, 1885-1950 New England Impressions: Art and the Making of Regional Identity, 1885-1950 - William Hosley tells the story of the New England painters, printmakers and photographers who used our history, landscape, environment, and traditional industries as subject matter and muse.
Image of Charlie Chaplin Silents Are Golden: A Celebration of Silent Cinema - An entertaining and educational lecture lavishly illustrated with clips from 100 silent film comedies and dramas from the 1920s!
Image of The Postmodern Turn in Architecture The Postmodern Turn in Architecture - David Mills explores the ways in which opposing theories of human nature have shaped and reshaped the designs and skylines of contemporary cities.
Cast of The Rainmaker, 1954 The Theater of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s - This era represents a great period of in American theater. In this presentation, actor Stephen Collins performs monologues from the work of William Saroyan, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Eugene O’Neill, and N. Richard Nash and may sing a Cole Porter and George Gershwin tune.
Image of Vermont Folk Art Vermont Folk Art - Jane Beck discusses the process of learning a traditional art, life crises that spur the creation of folk art, and the emotional bond that exists between the maker and the receiver of a folk art object.
Image of Mona Lisa with beard What is Art? - David Mills explores ways of encountering art as more than just subjective preference, imagining art history as an ongoing conversation.