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Below you will find articles, speeches, histories, teacher resources and more that start to put Douglass’s speech in a variety of contexts. This resource makes no pretense at completeness. However, we hope you will find a tour through this page rewarding. This list was compiled by Mass Humanities.

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Lesson Plans – Curriculum for teaching on Slavery, Abolition Movement and Frederick Douglass

Forward March: Continuing Frederick Douglass’ Footsteps This National Park Service “Teaching with Museum Collections” Lesson Plan includes a curriculum guide to accompany a visit to the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site at Cedar Hill, Douglass’ home in Washington, D.C., from 1877-1895. Suitable for Multiple grades.

The Ongoing Struggle for Freedom: Frederick Douglass Video Lesson Plan This is provided by C-SPAN to educate teachers how to introduce topics such as Freedom, Race, and Language in American History. Intended for 8th Grade and up.

The Great Debate Lesson Plan: Slavery in the U.S. Constitution  Discusses Constitutional Racism and the Afro-American experience during the Reconstruction. Intended for Middle School students grades 6-8.

Interesting Texts/News Articles/Videos that could be incorporated into lesson plan

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History: Historians on Record Podcasts Provides lectures from numerous credible historians and scholars on historical documents, people, and events (Not an actual lesson plan, just teaching material). Intended for High School Students and up.

For Slavery and Abolition teaching resources see: