Frederick Douglass and Beyond

Community conversations about race and racism.

Contemporary Works Addressing Race and Racism

With the assistance of Mass Humanities, Vermont Humanities launched Reading Frederick Douglass in 2014. Since then, the program has grown dramatically in popularity, but some Vermonters felt like we needed to go deeper. We consulted with people of color living in Vermont on how to strengthen the Reading Frederick Douglass program and they asked us to make sure that we offered many more examples of Black writers and activists speaking out – and that we work on highlighting the present day reality of racism in Vermont and in America.

Frederick Douglass is only one voice in the long history of racism in the United States. While we can’t offer public programming in libraries this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to continue to offer Vermonters resources around race and racism with works by contemporary and 20th century speakers as one set of starting points for further community engagement.

With our community partners, we strongly encourage Vermonters to engage with more contemporary writings on race and racism from a variety of sources. This work and these resource pages will continue to evolve over time – we hope you will offer feedback, criticism, and encouragement as we move forward.