Fall Conference 2017

The Double-Edged Sword of Technology

November 17-18, University of Vermont

Plenary Sessions

Fri 17

Will Technology Save Us?

November 17, 2017
7:30 pm
- 9:00 pm
Will technological progress continue to drive progress and economic prosperity or are our best innovations behind us? Northwestern University economics professors Robert Gordon and Joel Mokyr will present profoundly different outlooks for America’s economic future and the role of technological innovation in that future. (Registration required.) Read More »
Sat 18

Sociable Solitude

November 18, 2017
9:00 am
- 10:15 am
Sociable solitude—whether we find it in being alone with a book, or alone in prayer, alone with our phones—is an ancient human experience and pervasive element of contemporary life. Amy Hungerford, literature professor and Dean of Humanities at Yale, explores the history, practice, and meaning of sociable solitude in the internet age. (Registration required.) Read More »
Sat 18

Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art

November 18, 2017
2:35 pm
- 3:50 pm
In just fifty years, the Internet has evolved from a military and engineering project to an extension of traditional media to its own full-fledged civilization. Writer and cultural critic Virginia Heffernan presents an original and far-reaching analysis of what the Internet is and does. (Registration required.) Read More »