Fall Conference 2015

Why Do Stories Matter?

Why Do Stories Matter?

November 13–14, 2015
Dudley Davis Center, University of Vermont

Far beyond simple entertainment or “Once Upon a Time,” stories are a lens through which we can better understand ourselves; they speak to and through our humanity. 2015’s Fall Conference considered further the importance of stories, a theme explored in that year’s Vermont Reads book, Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Attendees joined the Vermont Humanities Council in an examination of the richness and diversity of the stories that surround us, how they work, and why they matter.

Key Speakers and Topics:

  • Time, Memory, and Storytelling with William Cronon, professor of History, Geography, and Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Myth, Reason, and Rationality with Wendy Doniger, the University of Chicago Professor of the History of Religions
  • Storytelling and Negative Capability with Maria Tatar, Harvard University Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures

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