Annual Fall Conference

Exploring a Humanities Subject in Depth

Annual Fall Conference

Each November since 1974, the Vermont Humanities Council has explored a humanities topic in depth at its fall conference. Over about a day and a half, conference goers explore a humanities topic through a variety of lectures with experts in their field. Scholars and attendees discuss topics with one another and share in camaraderie.

Over the past decade or more, the Vermont Humanities Council has explored The Double-Edged Sword of TechnologyLooking at Leadership Through the HumanitiesWhy Do Stories Matter, how America’s Civil War Continues to Shape Civic and Cultural Life in America, Music and the Human Experience, the Power of the Humanities, Creativity and Madness, Voting Rights, and more.

Fall Conference 2018: The Ebb and Flow of Optimism through American History

Optimism — confidence that tomorrow will be better than today — has been a key element of America’s history, its self-image, and even its character.

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