Read with Me

For expectant parents, and for parents or guardians of children from birth to age six.

Hosting a Read with Me Series


Upon receipt of the Read with Me Program Request Form (filled out by your facilitator), the Humanities Council will provide you with a poster/flier for publicity purposes and, if requested, a sample set of the program books for use in recruiting. Books sets may be shipped to your site in advance, or the facilitator may bring them to the first session. (An extra set is provided for the host site’s library.)


The program is open to parents, expectant parents, step-parents, guardians, grandparents, and other involved relatives and caregivers of children through age six. It’s great if both parents from a family can attend; each household will receive one set of books. It is hoped that the host teacher/staff member will participate in the program to share the experience and to be able to follow up with attendees afterward.


A minimum of eight adult participants is required at each session (in addition to organization staff). If fewer than eight attend the first session, the next session(s) may need to be cancelled. It is wise to register twelve to fifteen people, so the group will still be large enough after the usual no-shows, cancellations, and attrition.


Area organizations are encouraged to collaborate in hosting a program to have a good-sized group that provides for rich discussion.

Child care

The program is for adults, so childcare needs to be arranged. Read with Me is not designed to be a parent-child event. The Humanities Council offers childcare reimbursement upon request; contact us for more information.