Humanities Camps

Quotes from Campers

The positive impact and long-lasting value of Humanities Camps may best be told in the words of past campers:

Image of two campers with gingerbread house

This week I learned…

“…to work together with everyone, different or not.”

“…to make new friends and make better friendships with people I already know!”

“….that sometimes you have to look deeper than what’s there.”

“…how much better I can push myself to be.”

Humanities Camp made me feel…

“…that reading is not hard anymore – it’s fun.”

“…more confident talking about what I had read.”

“…like books are important.”

“…more creative and confident.”

“…ready to learn something new.”

More quotes:

“The coolest thing about this camp is that it is free – free food, free camp, free books, free fun.”

“Camp opened my eyes to books I wouldn’t have picked up on my own, and I liked them.”

“I don’t think I ever smiled that much in my whole life!”

“Humanities Camp rocks!”

“Camp was amazing and it’s so hard to describe in words – you just have to be there – and it will change your life!”