Humanities Camps

Humanities Camps

Vermont Humanities sponsors Humanities Camps — intensive, week-long, summer day camp programs for at-risk middle school/junior high students — to engage young people with reading and the humanities. Youth are hungry for the opportunity to learn and discuss, and the camps introduce them to the world of literature and ideas, fostering self-expression in a safe, nurturing environment.

Humanities Camps provide opportunities for students to discover more about themselves.  Students experience the satisfaction that accompanies insight and self-discovery, while developing reading skills and a love of learning.  Humanities Camps encourage youth to think critically about the world around them, and often lead to increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Image of the Northfield campers at the VHC office

Camp was amazing and it’s so hard to describe in words – you just have to be there – and it will change your life!

Humanities Camper

Humanities Camps use themes specifically conceived for at-risk students: each camper receives a set of books on the chosen theme, used as the basis for the week’s activities, and theirs to keep. With funding and support from Vermont Humanities, camp directors from the school create the curriculum and organize fun-filled days with reading and writing projects, the creative arts, and culminating presentations. Camps connect students with educational resources and opportunities for experiential learning. Field trips can be a welcome component of camp, giving students a chance to discover the humanities in the community around them and beyond, expanding horizons.