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I Was Thinking . . . Travels in the World of Ideas

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“In what appears to be a paradox, Americans may have become more opinionated and yet less confident in their capacity to think for themselves. Could that be in part because Americans are reading less? And engaging less with the world of ideas?

So asks Vermont Humanities Council Executive Director Peter Gilbert in the introduction to this collection of over sixty lively essays adapted from his frequent commentaries on Vermont Public Radio. I Was Thinking is a perfect book for anyone who enjoys ideas and loves learning.

Praise for the Book

“In an era of debilitating political rancor, Peter Gilbert’s essays capture and uplift the spirit of America.” — Jim Leach, Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities

“There are people—rare, to be sure—who have the ability to pose profound questions succinctly and memorably, add a new thought or two to the problem, and do all this with a current of good humor and an overall feeling of goodwill towards all of us who struggle daily to come to grips with the perplexing human condition. Peter Gilbert is one of those people, and these little essays are the stuff of his very special mind.” — Lee C. Bollinger, President, Columbia University

“One can only marvel at the breadth of Gilbert’s learning, the bandwidth of his sensibility, which includes large quantities of humor as well as pathos. He seems capable of taking up almost any subject that attracts him, dwelling deeply there, and reporting back with insights and memorable thoughts . . . This isn’t just good writing. It’s writing that tells us about our lives, and that provides images to live by.” — Jay Parini, D. E. Axinn Professor of English and Creative Writing, Middlebury College

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