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Black and white cartoon drawing of a farmer in rubber boots with cows in a Vermont barn yard
Vermont Reads

The Most Costly Journey is the Vermont Reads book from July 2022 through June 2023. It’s an anthology of comics that depict the oral histories of migrant workers who traveled from southern Mexico and Central America to work on Vermont farms.

Throughout the program year, we’ll create and post videos here to reflect upon the book and deepen your study of The Most Costly Journey.

Vermont Reads 2022 Videos

Young Mexican man in a gray T-shirt and long brown pants in front of a John Deere tractor and hay bales

Migrant Workers Discuss Life in Vermont

Over 1200 migrant workers from Mexico, Guatemala, and other Latin American countries labor on farms and for businesses in Vermont. Their stories are not often heard. With the help of the Open Door Clinic, we spoke with several of these crucial workers. Some wanted to conceal their identities.

People seated in chairs inside the 118 Elliot gallery space with four panelists at the front behind a table

Vermont Reads 2022 Panel Discussion

Three people central to the creation of The Most Costly Journey discuss migration, farming, mental health, cartooning, and the Latinx farmworker experience in Vermont.

Detail of cover of The Most Costly Journey, showing a drawing of a Mexican man holding a paintbrush and a photo of his family

Introducing Vermont Reads 2022

This video about the making of the pamphlets that became The Most Costly Journey includes a conversation between Vermont farm worker “El Enmigrante” (the immigrant) and cartoonist Marek Bennett about collaborating on his story.

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