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Vermont-Based Organizations

These organizations work with migrant farm workers and their families in Vermont. Please follow the links to learn more about how to support the work of these organizations.

Addison Allies

The goal of the organization is to create a support system for immigrants working in Addison County who are left out of the current and available systems because of their work schedules and immigration status. The network is the conduit for people in the larger Addison County community to support immigrants working on farms in the county.

Migrant Justice

The mission of Migrant Justice is to build the voice, capacity, and power of the farmworker community and engage community partners to organize for economic justice and human rights. They gather the farmworker community to discuss and analyze shared problems and to envision collective solutions.

The Open Door Clinic

The creators of the Spanish-language cartoon pamphlets that led to The Most Costly Journey, the Open Door Clinic is a free health clinic for uninsured and under-insured adults in Addison County. It is located in Middlebury.

Migrant Health – UVM Extension

Migrant Health of UVM Extension is comprised of a range of programs and projects that contribute to health equity for migrant workers and their families across Vermont. They work with individuals, households, communities, and state organizations to collaboratively address health and social factors as well as systemic barriers that impact the health of the migrant community.

The programs rely both on community volunteers and donations to expand the breadth and depth of services that they are able to provide.

UVM Extension Volunteer Opportunities

Those interested in applying to volunteer can email to request a PDF or mailed copy; an online application form will be available soon.

    • Health Access Transportation Volunteer: Transportation Volunteers transport migrant workers and family members to health appointments. A staff member will provide volunteers with the necessary information to transport workers from their homes to their health appointments. Occasionally, volunteers are contacted for help picking up an over-the counter medication or prescription. Transportation to appointments is set up a week or two in advance when possible. In this case we send out an email with the dates and appointment times as well as general locations so volunteers can see which trips would fit with their availability. However, many appointments are made last minute due to an illness or injury that has just occurred in which case potential volunteers will receive a phone call or text message. Requirements: 18 years of age, commitment to health access for all, valid driver’s license, reliable access to a registered inspected vehicle, flexibility to transport on occasion during regular business hours.
    • Food and Essential Needs Access Volunteer: Volunteers will support access to food and essential needs by assisting with coordination and delivery of food and other essential needs identified by clients and staff. Food and Essential Needs Volunteers will not drive migrant workers or family members as part of official volunteer role. Requirements: 16 years of age, commitment to health equity, valid driver’s license, reliable access to a registered inspected vehicle. (Minors need permission from parent/guardian)
    • Bridges to Health Volunteer Provider: Bridges to Health Volunteer Providers are licensed health care providers who offer free health and wellness screenings and consults to migrant workers either through Farm Health Outreach visits that take place on the farm or through telemedicine. Staff will provide Medical Provider Volunteers with the necessary information and interpretation to engage in these planned outreach or telemedicine visits and help coordinate any follow up care as needed. Requirements: Vermont medical license, commitment to health access/equity for all

Vermont Migrant Education Program

The Vermont Migrant Education Program, offered through UVM Extension on behalf of the Agency of Education, provides educational support services to eligible children and youth who relocate independently or with their families in order to obtain seasonal or temporary employment in agriculture. Free services include books, tutoring, homework support, English Language support, summer programs and more.

National Organizations

No More Deaths/No Más Muertes

No More Deaths is a humanitarian organization based in southern Arizona. Its mission is to end death and suffering in the Mexico–US borderlands through civil initiative: people of conscience working openly and in community to uphold fundamental human rights.

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