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The Genealogy of Happiness: From Aristotle to Positive Psychology

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Image for The Genealogy of HappinessWhat is happiness? Can it be measured? And what is the relationship between happiness and virtue, money, pleasure, relationships, mindfulness, and satisfaction?

This program with William Edelglass will begin with an overview of different conceptions of happiness in Western philosophy, religion, and political theory. We will then turn to the numerous claims about what makes us happy based on the results of “the new science of happiness.”

We will conclude by reflecting on the findings of positive psychology in the context of the history of the idea of happiness.

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About the Presenter

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William Edelglass

William Edelglass is Director of Studies at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies at Emerson College.

Talks by William Edelglass

Vermont Humanities*** June 28, 2016