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Movements of the Soul: The Role of Religion in Nonviolent Struggles for Peace

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Image of paradeThe 20th century saw the rise of religious faith-based organizations and groups working to advance the cause of peace. They addressed such issues as conscription, nuclear weapons, war and US foreign and military policy. Mainline Protestant churches, progressive Catholics, the traditional Peace Churches, Jewish and Buddhist organizations worked with secular groups to forge powerful movements to oppose war and all forms of violence, expose underlying causes of war, and the growing militarization of US society.

The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival today carries on the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King who named the three great evils corrupting American society: racism, extreme materialism and militarism.

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Joseph Gainza

In addition to teaching grade school in Brooklyn and Vermont, Joseph has been a community organizer/outreach worker for an anti-poverty agency, served as advocacy director for the rights of people with disabilities, and a program director and instructor of adults at Woodbury College.

Talks by Joseph Gainza

Vermont Humanities*** April 30, 2019