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Virtual Snapshot Events

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Many audience members have told us they liked viewing talks from the comfort of their homes, especially during the winter months. Snapshot talks in January and February will be presented solely on Zoom.

Virtual Snapshot Events

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Digital Event

Crafting the Future: The State of Craft Education in Vermont

Vermont has a long tradition of valuing the crafts, from fiber arts to woodworking and beyond. But now that we’re living in an ever-changing technological and professional landscape, where does that leave room for hands-on education in traditional trades and crafts? Britton Rogers, Executive Director of Yestermorrow, and Catherine Emil, Director of Vermont Woodworking School, will spend this hour discussing why craft education matters more than ever in the state of Vermont and the broader landscape. 

Statewide Underwriters: The Institute of Museum & Library Services through the Vermont Department of Libraries.


Vermont Humanities*** September 7, 2022