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First Wednesdays

Venue: Brownell Library

6 Lincoln Street, Essex Junction
Library phone: (802) 878-6955
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Hybrid Event

Religion is Always in the Room

We’re taught not to talk about religion and politics in polite company. But dismissing religion ignores one of the fundamental, daily ways people interact with their world and how politics, law, healthcare, education are influenced by and tied up with religion. University of Vermont Professor Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst discusses religious literacy, what we mean when we say religion, and how even if you are not religious, religion still impacts your life.

Statewide Underwriters: The Institute of Museum & Library Services through the Vermont Department of Libraries;

Program Co-Sponsors and Underwriters: Lisa Schamberg and Pat Robins; Middlebury College and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; Otto & Associates; Preservation Trust of Vermont;

Library Sponsors: Brownell Library Foundation

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Vermont Humanities*** August 4, 2023