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Free talks held at public libraries around Vermont and streamed online, September through May. January and February events will be virtual-only.

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Upcoming Snapshot Events

A woman stands in a stud framed structure with a measuring tape outstretched
Digital Event

Crafting the Future: The State of Craft Education in Vermont

Vermont has a long tradition of valuing the crafts, from fiber arts to woodworking and beyond. But now that we’re living in an ever-changing technological and professional landscape, where does that leave room for hands-on education in traditional trades and crafts? Britton Rogers, Executive Director of Yestermorrow, and Catherine Emil, Director of Vermont Woodworking School, will spend this hour discussing why craft education matters more than ever in the state of Vermont and the broader landscape. 

Notre Dame cathedral restoration
Hybrid Event

The Chance of Ten Lifetimes – Restoring Notre Dame de Paris

After the catastrophic fire of 2019, Carpenters Without Borders was instrumental in convincing the French government to re-build “a l’identique.” Remy and Loïc Desmonts, passionate father and son members of CSF, won the contract to rebuild the roof above the Nave and invited a number of American and English carpenters to join their family company in that work. Josh had the good fortune to be among them and spent six months immersed in both the wonderful culture of Normandy and its extraordinary tradition of timber framing.

Mary Lake shearing a sheep
Hybrid Event

Through a Sheep’s Eyes: Pets, Livestock, and Wild Animals

Tunbridge-based butcher, shearer, and shepherd Mary Lake has worked closely with sheep and the people who care for them for over 15 years. By mimicking the wild in her shepherding practices, Lake simultaneously feeds her community while improving the soil. In this talk, Lake shares how clarifying our relationship with and responsibility to animals can make for a happier, healthier flock.

Carasa Banner at demonstration
Hybrid Event

Reproductive Rights and Justice in the 1970’s and Today

UVM History professor Felicia Kornbluh discusses the campaigns to decriminalize abortion and to control sterilization abuse in the years before and after Roe v. Wade. She uses this history as a launching point to explore strategies that might be effective in restoring reproductive rights today.

Peter Harrigan stands in his home in front of his collection of Barbie dolls
Hybrid Event

Barbie’s Reflection on Our World

St. Michael’s Theater professor Peter Harrigan has collected Barbies for over three decades, amassing a personal collection of over 500 of the figurines. In this talk, he takes a dive into the fantastic world of plastic and how it echoes our own world.

Hybrid Event

Dare to Dream

Actor David Mills portrays Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. surmounting his early uncertainties and transforming into a world-renowned civil rights icon. Be reawakened and elevated with highlights from Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” “I Have a Dream,” and “Promised Land.”

Black and white headshot of poet Porsha Olayiwola
Hybrid Event

An Evening with Poet Porsha Olayiwola

Join Black writer, performer, and futurist Porsha Olayiwola for this special Poetry Month presentation. Olayiwola is the author of the poetry collection I Shimmer Sometimes Too. Author Clint Smith writes, “Porsha Olayiwola is unlike any other poet writing today…Each poem is a lesson, a story, a mirror that Olayiwola holds up to ensure we pay attention to that which we may have overlooked.”

women chews on a pencil as she looks frustrated while using a computer
Hybrid Event

Every Problem Is Now a Technology Problem

The Covid Era created new challenges (and opportunities!) for technology education work. Every problem turned into a technology problem, and issues of access and the digital divide became very imposing, very rapidly. What made a difference? Library technologist and author Jessamyn West talks about the Vermont public library response.

black and white image of Mary Martin running with children in the Sound of Music
Hybrid Event

My Day in the Hills: The Story, Songs, and Soul of The Sound of Music

Why do Vermonters feel such a strong attachment to the story of the von Trapp family and, subsequently, to The Sound of Music? Educator and conductor Stefanie Weigand explores why this story draws us in and holds our attention, even though the events that formed the basis of the show and film took place decades ago and thousands of miles away.

young girl blowing a large bubble
Hybrid Event

The Play Instinct: Have You Lost Yours?

Playfulness is the foundation for strengthening relationships and building resilient communities. In order to understanding this, we must know the intrinsic value of play and its potential for deepening our connection to self and others. In this session, Lisa Guerrero invites participants to reconnect to their natural play instinct and puts forth a passionate invitation to prioritize play.

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