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Deep Cuts – Fall Festival 2023

S statue of a woman with headphones and sunglasses set in front of a boom box, book, mirror ball, and vinyl record.
Fall Festival

In the cadence of our daily lives, many of us move to our own beat. Yet the connections we string together through music can spark collective expression and fuel social movements. From Prince to EDM, classical to post-rock, we’re taking a deep dive into music’s past, present, and future with Deep Cuts, a Fall Festival of the humanities with events all over the state.

This year’s festival features music and discussion, history and sweet riffs, plus a number of events with themes related to our Vermont Reads 2023 pick Last Night at the Telegraph Club. Learn more about the book and our Vermont Reads program here.

Get in tune with your musical side and join us this fall!


Fall Festival

The band Purple plays on a stage lit with purple spotlights in front of a crowd
Live Event

Purple: A Tribute to PRINCE featuring Craig Mitchell

PURPLE is a 7-piece (and often bigger) “booty shakin’, sweaty, stinky, funky good time dance party” led by frontman Craig Mitchell who navigates through Prince’s seemingly endless catalog of music.

orange and blue sunset over a field filled with cows and a blue tractor that says FORD on the front
Live Event

Music from the Land! Farmer Open Mic Night

Music has the tradition of bringing community together, especially in the rural regions of the country. Join us for food and music by and for farmers, farmworkers, and their communities.

Marlene Dietrich in a tuxedo and top hat with a cane, sitting in front of an audience, looking at the camera in a black and white photo
Live Event

Drag King Night at the Telegraph Club

Join host Mike Oxready for Drag King Night at the Telegraph Club! This free all ages substance free event will feature an evening of performances from local drag king talent – plus a very special out of town guest.

Pro-Ject Debut III turntable with Ortofon cartridge spinning coloured vinyl (Babes in Toyland - Spanking Machine, 1990. According to Discogs, only about 350 LPs of the original 1990 pressing were made on coloured/marbled vinyl; most coloured/marbled are reissues) Photo by traaf via flickr
Live Event

Vermont Humanities Listening Party

Join music scholars Reuben Jackson, Melo Grant, and James Lockbridge as they take us through the tracks of some of their favorite artists.

The exterior of the Rutland Free Library in red brick with white stone trim, and a sculpture of a heart with the autumn and fall trees depicted
Live Event

Finding Inspiration Across the Arts

Julio Desmont and Matt LaRocca from the Vermont Symphony Orchestra will hold an interactive workshop and discussion about inspiration across artistic mediums at the Rutland Free Library.

Live Event

From Piano Playing to the Player Piano, 1900 Through the Roaring 20s

Artis Wodehouse will pianolize (foot-pump) a representative group of piano rolls from the early 1910s to the 1920s on the Main Street Museum’s player piano.

Live Event

Farm to Film Fest 2023

By developing a deeper understanding of regenerative agriculture and the indigenous practices it is rooted in, we can all do our part to support transformational change. Join us for a day of food, films, live music, workshops, thoughtful discussion, dancing and more.

Sarod player Pat Lambdin sits cross legged on a red shawl and plays his instrument with his head down
Live Event

North Indian Classical Music

North Indian classical music has been handed down from guru to disciple for hundreds of years through the guru-disciple relationship. Musicians Pat Lambdin and Amit Kavthekar embark on a journey into this living tradition that shifts perspectives with a fresh attitude and a willingness to place one’s own cultural understandings in the back seat.

Live Event

Songs of the Supernatural

Versatile singer Kerry Ryer-Parke will explore songs of the supernatural with colleagues and friends Yoshiko Sato, John Kirk and Peter King to cast a spell over your Halloween weekend.

Live Event

An Acoustic Evening with Kaki King and Treya Lam

An evening of musical innovation with Guitarist Kaki King and Multi-instrumentalist Treya Lam presented with the UVM Lane Series.

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