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Mindfulness: The History, Practice, and Use of Cultivating Mindful Awareness

Image of stupaWhat is mindfulness? Where does it come from? And how has it appeared in so many contemporary Western institutions, from schools and prisons to corporate meetings and military training? How is mindfulness studied by contemporary neuroscientists and social psychologists, and what are their findings?

This lecture will address these questions by tracing the history of various forms of mindfulness from multiple traditions, starting with early Buddhist texts and ending with the secularization of mindfulness in contemporary American society.

Special Arrangements: projector and screen.

Additional Costs: mileage (negotiable).

Available in correctional facilities

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Image of William Edelglass William Edelglass - William Edelglass is Director of Studies at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies at Emerson College. See full biography.

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