Fall Conference 2018

The Ebb and Flow of Optimism through American History

November 16-17, University of Vermont

Mary Lou Kete

Image of Mary Lou KeteProfessor Mary Lou Kete teaches nineteenth-century American literature and culture at the University of Vermont. She is the author of Sentimental Collaborations: Mourning and Middle-class Identity in Nineteenth-Century America (Duke University Press) and co-editor of Lydia Sigourney: Critical Essays and Cultural Turns and the nineteenth-century editor of Women’s Worlds: The McGraw-Hill Anthology of Women’s Writing.

She has published on a wide range of black and white nineteenth-century writers including Longfellow, Terry-Prince, Whitman, Twain, Wheatley, Oakes-Smith and Emerson. Her new work is on the intersection between political and aesthetic notions of the representative self.

Fall Conference 2018 talks by Mary Lou Kete