a farm worker walks through a field masked carrying a catd and a box
Live Event

Essential Work in the Food System: Imagining a Better Future

Consumers are increasingly concerned with what goes into their food and demand a healthier and more ecologically sustainable food system. However, labor is rarely part of the so-called sustainable food discussion. Dr. Mares shares her ongoing research on food and farmworkers, focusing both on local labor concerns in the dairy industry and national conversations about essential work.

a black and white illustration of fingers with words dancing along the sides of them and a spiral at the tip of the index finger
Live Event

Healing Through Art 

Author and artist Dana Walrath practices a border-crossing blend of creative writing, comics, art, and anthropology. In this lecture, she explores the work that went into creating projects such as Aliceheimer’s, a graphic memoir about her mother’s dementia journey, and considers the last impacting of this type of storytelling. 

Middle-aged man in World War Two uniform with helmet
Live Event

War Reenactors: Who Gets to Tell History?

Artist Ed Gendron shares and discusses images from his photo project about World War II reenactors in the United States. Gendron later produced Playing Soldier, a feature-length documentary on the same topic. “The re-enactors assert that ‘history is a personal thing,’ says Gendron. “And for them, it may be quite true.”

A woman holds a green sign that reads ERA YES at a Women's March in LA in 2019
Digital Event

Thriving Communities: The Winding VT Road to Abolition and Women’s Rights 

Ashley Messier leads this group discussion on how to achieve thriving communities while recognizing the ongoing marginalization of women and the continued use of punishment in the criminal legal system.