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Booker Prize Winners

Established in 1968, England’s Booker Prize is awarded annually to a citizen of the U.K., the Commonwealth, Ireland, Pakistan, or South Africa who has written the year’s best novel according to a panel of critics, writers, and academics.

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Border Crossings

A book of short stories, a memoir and two novels bring us to present day consideration of migration, immigration and refuge.

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Canadian Cultural Diversity

Travel through Canada with four critically acclaimed books that make manifest Canada’s cultural diversity.

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China’s Transformation

How has the China’s dynamic growth affected people, culture, the environment?

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Experience My World

These books take the reader deeply inside the world of someone experiencing life differently from the rest of us. Topics include bipolar disorder, physical disability, and Alzheimer ’s disease.

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Exploring Graphic Novels

The four highly acclaimed works in this series—three memoirs and one work of historical fiction Berlin—highlight the literary value and artistic merit of graphic novels.

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Family History

The Pulitzer-winning novels in this series examine not only relationships, but the ways difficult chapters of a family’s past are revealed by the passing of time.

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Farms and Gardens

These authors dig deep to explore the philosophical roots, family dynamics, and personal enrichment associated with tending and growing.

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Fear No Labor: Novels about Union Organizing

This series examines, through excellent works of fiction, the formation of unions in different industries, the often cruel and callous calculus behind labor negotiations, and the people who suffered, fought, and died as part of the labor battle.

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Fleeing Dictatorship: Migration Stories of Cuban and Dominican Families

This series examines families displaced by the dictatorial regimes of Trujillo and Castro, exploring the complicated, ongoing relationships that those who come to the United States have with their home countries and cultures.

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Forces of Nature

The titles in this series explore humanity’s relationship to forces beyond its control, such as evolution, disease, and the planet’s fragile ecosystems.

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Gastronomy: Novels about Food and Culture

These mouth-watering novels highlight how what we eat is closely aligned with who we are.

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