Rajnii Eddins

Rajnii Eddins

Rajnii Eddins performs poetry and engages diverse audiences for the purpose of confronting white supremacy while affirming common humanity.

Image of William Edelglass

William Edelglass

William Edelglass is Director of Studies at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies at Emerson College.

Image of Mary Fillmore

Mary Dingee Fillmore

Mary devoted thirteen years to research and write An Address in Amsterdam, an acclaimed historical novel about a young Jewish woman who joins the resistance.

Image of Joseph Gainza

Joseph Gainza

In addition to teaching grade school in Brooklyn and Vermont, Joseph has been a community organizer/outreach worker for an anti-poverty agency, served as advocacy director for the rights of people with disabilities, and a program director and instructor of adults at Woodbury College.

Shanta Lee Gander

Shanta Lee

Shanta Lee is the 2020 recipient of the Arthur Williams Award for Meritorious Service to the Arts and was named as Diode Editions’ full-length book contest winner for her debut poetry compilation, GHETTOCLAUSTROPHOBIA: Dreamin of Mama While Trying to Speak in Woke Tongues.

Image of Mark A Greenberg

Mark Greenberg

Mark is an educator, writer, musician, and media producer who has taught at Goddard College and the University of Vermont.

Image of Amanda Gustin

Amanda Gustin

Amanda has studied military, religious, and women’s history in the medieval period and nineteenth-century America, and is the Public Programs Coordinator at the Vermont Historical Society.

Image of Christine Hadsel

Christine Hadsel

Christine is the Project Director for the Curtains Without Borders conservation project and was the first Executive Director of the Vermont Museum and Gallery Alliance.

Image of Geof Hewitt

Geof Hewitt

Geof is the author of four books of poems and three books for teachers, and is Vermont’s reigning poetry slam champion.

Image of Phil Holland

Phil Holland

After returning to Vermont in 2014, Phil self-published a booklet on Robert Frost’s years in Bennington County, as well as a general-interest book on the Battle of Bennington and the Bennington Monument.

Image of Michael Lange

Michael Lange

Michael is a professor of anthropology and folklore at Champlain College in Burlington and has authored several academic works on cultural identity.

Image of Bill Mares

Bill Mares

Bill Mares has been a reporter-photographer, state legislator and high school teacher. He is author or co-author of 17 books on a range of topics.

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