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Exploring Graphic Novels

The four highly acclaimed works in this series—three memoirs and one work of historical fiction Berlin—highlight the literary value and artistic merit of graphic novels.

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Family History

The Pulitzer-winning novels in this series examine not only relationships, but the ways difficult chapters of a family’s past are revealed by the passing of time.

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Farms and Gardens

These authors dig deep to explore the philosophical roots, family dynamics, and personal enrichment associated with tending and growing.

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Fleeing Dictatorship: Migration Stories of Cuban and Dominican Families

This series examines families displaced by the dictatorial regimes of Trujillo and Castro, exploring the complicated, ongoing relationships that those who come to the United States have with their home countries and cultures.

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Forces of Nature

The titles in this series explore humanity’s relationship to forces beyond its control, such as evolution, disease, and the planet’s fragile ecosystems.

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Get Real

These novels examine some of the harder facts of life in all their complexities.

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Healthcare and Humanity

These four books, all used to acclaim in VHC’s Literature and Medicine: Humanities at the Heart of Healthcare™ program, speak to the experiences of the patient, the families, and the people providing care.

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International Migrations

To or from the United States, spanning India, Cuba, Greece, and Ireland, this series of Pulitzer-winning works spotlights characters in the midst of broader migrations.

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Legacy of Racism

This series features recent Pulitzer-Prize winning works that consider the American legacy of racism through four genres.

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Memorable Memoirs: Take Two

The following memoirs use both traditional and unconventional formats to hone in on a specific feature of the each author’s life.

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Mexican Americans: Experience and Identity

This series deals with the experiences of Mexicans living in the United States, from the struggles of migrant farmworkers and day laborers in California to coming of age stories of Chicanos as U.S. citizens.

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Native America

These non-fiction narratives and stories reveal an extraordinary resilience in the face of often brutal campaigns to eliminate native cultures, and the effect of individual and group efforts to survive.

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