Image of immigrants leaving boat

Immigrants: Coming to America

These stories capture the experience of immigrants journeying to a new land, finding their place, and feeling at home

Image of people walking along street

International Migrations

To or from the United States, spanning India, Cuba, Greece, and Ireland, this series of Pulitzer-winning works spotlights characters in the midst of broader migrations.

Image of painting of Eudora Welty

Memorable Memoirs: Take Two

The following memoirs use both traditional and unconventional formats to hone in on a specific feature of the each author’s life.

Image of Chief Sitting Bull

Native America

These non-fiction narratives and stories reveal an extraordinary resilience in the face of often brutal campaigns to eliminate native cultures, and the effect of individual and group efforts to survive.

Image of N. Scott Momaday

Native American Literature

These titles include fiction, myth, poetry, and personal narrative – and represent some of the finest work by Native writers since the renaissance of American Indian writing in the 1970s.

Image of New England house

New England Uncovered

What lies hidden beneath the popular images of New England with its white spires and Yankee frugality? More than meets the eye!

Image of painting of girl with pearl earring

Portraits of the Artists

These books feature fictional interpretations of famous artists.

Image of etching of Huckleberry Finn


These novels all re-imagine classics works of fiction, retelling them from a different character’s perspective.

Image of Robert Frost

Robert Frost’s Life and Writing

This series invites readers to learn more about Robert Frost’s life and the diversity of his writings.

Image of statue of Vietnam soliders

Soldiering On: After Battle and Back Home

For soldiers and civilians of any war, the battle doesnÂ’t necessarily cease when the last guns are fired and the battlefield is left behind.

Image of Goebbels and other Nazis

The Rise of Nazism

Hitler’s appointment as German Chancellor on January 30, 1933 began a chain of horrific events that sent not only Germany, but the entire world, into the abyss.

Image of boy reading against sunset

Vermont Golden Dome Book Award

While a list of eligible titles is drawn up each year by educators and librarians, the winner is selected based on votes by children.

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