Image of N. Scott Momaday

Native American Literature

These titles include fiction, myth, poetry, and personal narrative – and represent some of the finest work by Native writers since the renaissance of American Indian writing in the 1970s.

Image of New England house

New England Uncovered

What lies hidden beneath the popular images of New England with its white spires and Yankee frugality? More than meets the eye!

Image of Civil War soldier

Our Civil War Legacy

Discuss the crucial final month of the war and how, but for a handful of important decisions and a good deal of luck, the outcome—of the War and of the country—might have been very different

Image of drawing of "Eugenics Tree"

Outsiders: Those Who Fell Outside the Cultural Norm

This discussion series examines the treatment of populations outside the cultural norms of the late 19th and early 20th century America.

Image of the Statue of Liberty

Seminal Statements of American Values

Founding documents and landmark speeches help us to understand America’s operating principles and values – what they mean, how well we practice what we preach, and what relationship words have to action in good times and bad.

Image of slave family

Slavery and the Civil War

Undertake an intergenerational discussion of the root causes of the War, and the experience of soldiers on both sides.

Image of March: Book One cover

The March Trilogy

The “March” Trilogy was written by civil rights icon John Lewis, in collaboration with co-writer Andrew Aydin and award-winning graphic artist Nate Powell. All three volumes illustrate the story of Lewis’s commitment to nonviolent protest in the pursuit of social justice.

Detail of cover of The Most Costly Journey, showing a drawing of a Mexican man holding a paintbrush and a photo of his family

The Most Costly Journey (El viaje más caro)

Our Vermont Reads 2022 choice, The Most Costly Journey (El viaje más caro), tells the stories of 19 migrant farm workers from Latin America in their own words.

Image of school destroyed in Sierra Leone

Understanding Post-Colonial Africa

These four books help to introduce post-colonial Africa to the novice and explore some of the continent’s crises in greater depth, including the West’s complicity in them.

Image of statue of Champlain and Native American

When Cultures Meet: First Contact in the Lake Champlain Basin

In fiction and nonfiction, the series explores the ramifications of contact between Europeans and the native inhabitants in the Champlain Basin and New England generally, and the ensuing history of the region.

Image of children survivors of Auschwitz

World War II: The Loss of the Age of Innocence

These novels richly illustrate coming-of-age themes against the backdrop of World War II with three memorable protagonists- an Army bombardier, a girl on the American homefront, and a teenage survivor of the Nazi genocide.