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Just One Man: Milton Brown

Image of Milton BrownMilton Brown of Worcester, Vermont was no one’s hero and was not remembered by his community with a monument or street named in his honor. Yet, he did some rather remarkable things even for a man of his generation. This early 19th century public servant, like many men of his time, served his village and his state with little fanfare. He survived the year without a summer, served multiple terms in the state legislature, but most notable perhaps, was an outspoken abolitionist and likely participated in the safe passage of escaped slaves.

Let his story inspire you to discover a real person in your community from some time ago who is worthy of being recognized and honored. Mr. Brown answers questions posed by the audience about his life and times.

Available in correctional facilities.

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Image of David Book David Book - David has written and published two books describing the lives of Civil War soldiers from Vermont. See full biography.

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