Humanities Grants

Making Humanities Happen throughout Vermont

For Applicants

Spring 2017 Deadlines

For projects starting May 15, 2017 or later.

  • Accepting Letters of Intent: January 23 – February 17
  • Accepting Proposals: February 27 – March 24
  • Decision By: May 12

Fall 2017 Deadlines

For projects starting December 18, 2017 or later.

  • Accepting Letters of Intent: July 24 – August 25
  • Accepting Proposals: September 4 – October 6
  • Decision By: December 14

How to Apply

1) Read the Grant Guidelines (PDF) to ensure that your project is eligible.

2) Submit a Letter of Intent summarizing your project. (This form will open on July 24 for Fall 2017 projects.) This form will request:

  • Your name, organization, and contact info
  • Your organization’s history of VHC grants (if applicable)
  • A summary of your project (300 words max.)
  • Your funding request ($5,000 max.)
  • A description of your project budget and how VHC funding will be applied (200 words max.)

Staff will respond within one week following the deadline to encourage or discourage a full proposal, or suggest changes.

3) Submit a Grant Proposal according to the instructions in the Grant Guidelines. (This form will open on September 4 for Fall 2017 projects.)

  • See Sample Proposal Documents (PDF) for screenshots of the fields and questions required in preparation for submitting the form. Please prepare your grant application information in advance, as this form must be completed in one session.
  • Use the Grant Budget Template (Excel) to prepare a Project Budget.
  • If you are unable to use the above online form (preferred), please download this PDF Grant Proposal Form as an alternative.


Final grant decisions lie with the VHC Board of Directors. The Board meets early in May and December to decide on grant proposals. VHC staff will inform applicants of the Board’s decision within five business days following the Board meeting. The Board may approve a proposal unconditionally, approve it with modifications, award partial funding, or deny it. For questions, contact .