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Edward Gorey’s Morbid Nonsense

Biographer Mark Dery discusses Edward Gorey, the author and illustrator whose picture books full of murder, mayhem, and discreet depravity influenced Tim Burton, Lemony Snicket, and Guillermo Del Toro. Dery reveals the surprisingly serious themes woven through Gorey’s whimsically sinister work.


  1. Vivina Ciolli

    Delightful. And, I’m happy to have a stuffed Gorey bat like the illustration seen on the page of one of the books featured. Great overview. Great presentation highlighted by images. Thanks for the hard work of putting the presentation together. Had some issues getting into the talk, then noticed the button down the page, and clicked. Not computer savvy. Finally caught on. Vivina

  2. Michelle

    What a detailed presentation. Mark Dery presents the many facets to Gory. I love how he relays the ambiguity to a writing style. Thank you.

  3. nancy

    how fascinating! thanks

  4. Carol Bergeron

    Wonderful journey through Gorey land.

  5. Eileen Boland

    The Edward Gorey presentation was fascinating and excellent. I have been drawn to his work and have many of his books. Learning about his life, background, and the times and influences in his work has been very enjoyable. Thank you!